Exam preparation

We are specialized in training you for all relevant German language examinations (Goethe, telc, DSH), as well as the Swiss and German citizenship test. We are skilled in test preparation and always ensure our students are fully prepared. We ensure your success and we are very proud that all of our students have thus far successfully passed all their examinations.

Full service

A combination of online-training (e.g. via Skype) and a homestay, our one-to-one course at SprachHaus Bamberg right before the exam date is ideal for a successful test. We take care of the paperwork, logistics and transportation, taking you to and from the testing location.

Last minute call

If you are in urgent need for a language training, for instance before an important meeting, presentation or interview, we can start right away. Just ask.

Learning topics

Conversation, exam preparation, current events, grammar and pronunciation, (inter-) cultural issues, cinema, literature and more.


We offer coaching for:
• language students
• job applications and interviews
• cultural-sensitivity for expatriates and those moving or in transition
• assistance with writing and publishing academic publications in German
• advice on different types of exams

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